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beers, bikes, and some braap.

Always remember to hydrate before heading out for a ride this time of year. I remembered today and did just that. Nothing beats a pre ride beer(s).

This is my favorite way home after hitting some trail and some PBR. Chapman Drive. #Chiller.

The big city of 90,000 inhabitants that I try wto avoid at all costs.

Good music makes for a great ride. JahGuide!! I only ride with one ear bud so I can greet everyone I see on my rides!

Rode the bike 4 or 5 days last week, then spent the weeknd slinging BCA product at the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Show. It was great to get back into the swing of things. We also hit up a BCA Super Clinic and the Colorado Snow and Avlanche Workshop in Breckenridge.

Took Babe, the Blue Ox, into Felker Motorsports for some preseason service today. Have to wait and see what kind of damage that will do to my wallet. But, at least, I'll be ready for the snow once it stops being 80 degrees out here.

Came across this new ski and board rack from Ski Doo. Looks like they've made some nice design changes compared to original version that I saw last year. They colloborated with Burton for a sled/snowboard specific model.

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