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farming on the shares.

I aint got no home, I'm just a ramblin 'round.

A hard-working rambling man, I roam from town to town.

- Woody G.

Creede, Boulder, Vail, Silverton, Vail, Boulder, Vail. I'm not moving for a few days. Gonna let the snow find me right here.

EV, still some of the best lines around, even with the bogeys in the mist. Johnny Rotten, shows he's gone to the dark side with his new AT (already tele'd) set up. Velkommen!!

Gonna have to fix that one.

BCA has a partnership with Silverton Mountain and I was invited down to train the guides on Tracker 3 and Float airbags. We talked functionality of both and I presented some slides on common issues with avalanche beacons that include, signal overlap and dealing with noise. Like clowns in a clown car, we packed into the PHQ for a couple hours, then moved the party outside to break in BCA's WBTP. With school bus diesel fumes in the air and a broken down RV acting as a flank to our avalanche scenario, we rolled through some beacon drills until it was time to drop some bombs. Saturday was opening day and there was important work to be done

Once business was taken care of I was lucky enough to be invited to ride the lift for a couple of runs. It was Friday, the Mountain did not open for the season until Saturday. It was good. It was soft. It was untracked. It was lots of vert. It was sunny. It was how I like to spend all my work trips.

Approaching the golden hour, I had just enought daylight left to skin a lap on Sam's Knob, behind the Artist Cabin. Two things always happen to me when visiting the San Juan's. First, I almost always drive off of the road at least twice. I get so caught up looking out the window at peaks. Not a good thing when driving on red mountain pass. And second, the peaks make my heart rate increase about 10 BPM just being their presence.

That's Red Mountain Pass.

Those are mountains.

I could move here. How can I make that happen?

Souloing at one of my favorite #superchiller spots. Always one step ahead of the blues out here.

Farming the shares on my land.

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