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ski tours and skin testing.

Ski, bike, bike ski, rest day. That's a snapshot of Monday through Friday this week. I'm content. I'm tired. My body and mind are a bit sleepy. Twelve consecutive days of skiing and biking, so today I rest... And eat and eat and eat and drink and drink and drink some more, and then rock out at Fruition in Denver tonight. I'll groggily make it up to ski on Saturday, but won't be getting an early start.

The week in review.

I could not pass up the opporunity to ski some fresh powder at Mt Trelease on Monday. Just like I can't pass up a free whiskey drink, untouched powder lures me in, every damn time.

Rode some bike in between ski days, then set off on Thursday to test skins at Berthoud Pass. Here we have the test subjects from Pomoca, Contour, Kohla and BCA's Magic Carpets.

After 4 years of going with a Platypus soft bottle in my pack for hydration, I decided to go back to a bladder system. Meh, I still have mixed feelings about it.

PowTrout getting pitted like a SOCAL surfer bro at Berthoud - Nitro Chute.

Meadow skipping right on down the pass. Chasing snow and avoiding the crowds.

Fruition doing it right.


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