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superbowl haze.

The Donkey's won the big Superbowl. I somewhat enjoy professional team sports, don't live, or die by them, but do take advantage of the drinks that flow during big games. Monday's haze was quickly shaken off with the anticapation of getting into one of my favorite shred zones. Nestled deep in the Gore Range, the GSPOT is a hidden gem, that until recently, was all ours. Like most good zones, the good word eventually gets out and hardcore poaching and track following ensue. Like elephants being hunted for their ivory, it's best to stay one-step ahead of the poachers out here too. A mid-storm avalanche cycle earlier in the week kept the riff-raff away and the lines fresh.

Dropping into the first run. There was some old debris that kept things honest, but the snow was so damn fine.

Seemann opens up his day.

Corey and Jeff scope out tomorrow's lines at sunset. #Timbersled.


Hitting the Vail frontcountry on Sunday. Only during strong snow years does this line fill in. Dropping into Red Sandstone and taking it all the way to the V-Bar.

Maybe this week's objective. See what the weather does. Looks high and dry.

Jeff cheesing for the camera.

Top 1/2 of the first run.

Mid-week lap on Vail Mountain. PC-@jeffcricco

And, of course I always find an excuse to put on tights in the middle of winter and growl like a savage grizzly bear. I can't help it, born that way.

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