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the fighting side of me.

The pain killer bottles are empty. I'm sleeping again. I've seen the sun a few times. I'm able to ride the trainer in my garage. The darkest times are coming to an end, daylight is beckoning.

The freedom road, the freedom rides, the freedom calls.

I need to sweat, I need a sunburn, I need fresh air, I feel like a zoo animal. They say patience is a virtue, I've never been good at that one. Slow and steady, pedal stroke by pedal stroke, day by day, hour by hour, I'm beating this setback. It's been almost 7 weeks since I underwent ACL and meniscus surgery. Most years I have a few thousand kilometers in my legs by this time, spring ski missions are the norm, it's the grand time for the illustrious double whammy, ski and bike in a single day. Things are different this year. I'm out of shape, my athletic outlets are in shambles.

My ego is damaged. I'm badly bent and I'm almost broke.

I was finally cleared to do some more intensity and resistance on my indoor trainer. 5min at 100w, 2min at 5w, repeat 4 times. My motivation is back and it's nice to have a structured workout to follow and I even saw a drop of sweat hit the floor last night. Things are looking up, one joint at a time.

Merle Haggard passed away last week. He spent much of his adult life behind bars, but still never failed to see the good people. Play one for Merle today. I've slowed down enough the past 7 weeks to start picking up the mandolin again and am back on the lesson train. Been digging the old country tunes lately, Hank Williams and the rest of the good ole boys.

In the downtime I've been revamping bikes and prepping the steeds to roll for my big outdoor debut in a few weeks. Picked up these light and fast Crest wheels from Stan's. I hope I'm not too fat for them. They do have a weight limit. This will go on the Stumpy hardtail along with a new dropper post. BOOM!

I even made a dinner a few times in the last month or so. Chicken sliders with brussell sprout salad. Taste buds were happy.

And.... this is the cave where I spend most of my time. It's cold, dark and dreary, but it's better than the couch.

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