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stomp stomp.

Did you know that the state bird of South Dakota is the pheasant. Interesting, eh.

Back to my old stomping grounds in the depths of Boulder County. Damn, I didn't think the Switzerland Trail could feel that good. It's been too long and I've missed that dirty little route.

Taking a break in the shade. I bonked, had no food and ran out of water. Guess I'm more fat and out of shape than I originally thought.

My Dad has taught me lots of things and this little patch trick has saved me on more than one occasion. Third day out riding the Kenda Small Block, won't buy one of those again. Managed to roll the 17 miles back to town with about 50psi and a $1 keeping me held together. It's important to be self sufficient in the mountains, a little luck never hurt either.

Found this little gem. 70 beers on tap and hockey on the screen. Boom.

Good day.

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