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the super dirty triangle.

I don't go with flow, never have never will. I push back, don't settle and prefer to salmon against the popular trends. Usually ridden as a loop from Copper Mountain, I always like to throw my own MG signature on things. So, I started this loop in East Vail and got a nice warm up on Vail Pass before descending into Copper to start the CT and singletrack. Man, I felt like shit on Saturday. Maybe it was a pizza hangover, maybe it was an alcohol hangover. Either way, I didn't feel well until I was about 4 hours into the ride.

At 50 miles, this ride doesn't look too demanding on paper. But, as they say, looks can be deceiving and this route will fatigue even the fittest nut flexors* on the Front Range. But, they would never admit that, there's a real lack of humility found in CO cyclists. Maybe they don't realize they are just riding a fucking bike, a conqueror of nothing, playing a child's game. If there's anything I strive to be in this life, it's humble... and kind.

The amount of traffic on the CT trail was something I'd never seen before. Cyclists and so, so many CT through hikers. Instead of being bitter about the assault on one my favorite rides, I actually enjoyed talking to the hikers and sharing beta with them on the trail and resupply opportunities on the way to Durango. But, bugs, bugs and more bugs. Don't stop too long, or the flies will consume you. It was a great day on the bike, but damn the dirt is dry. Please send rain. No mechanicals, no bonks, and no crashes. The climb up Resolution Rd hurt.

High above the trees is the place for me. Thin air, cool temps, and little tree tea to keep the wheels going.

I like my trail, like I like my jeans. Skinny and tight.

I started jogging again last week in order to get the knee used to some impact. I've been sore since then. Tight hamstrings, tight back. Laying low to start the week and hoping this starts to feel better. Stretching and broga are in the program now. Hoping to see some results. Fuck, I might be leaner and in better shape than the past few summers. Hard to tell without a scale. I still don't go full out on the bike yet. Patience grasshopper, patience.

Dogs taking a dip after a rehab gimp run with me.

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