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hot corn, cold corn, bring along a demijohn.

Words to live by, though many may disagree. Cycling and whiskey go together like peanut butter and jelly. Since the inception of the bicycle, cyclists have found comfort in altering their state of mind, their state of being, all in an effort to ride longer, further, higher. We are dopers, always have been. Be it tobacco, coco leaves, amphetamines, EPO, weed, caffeine or whiskey, cyclists have historically looked to catch a good lift since wheels began being pushed by pedals. Today is not different, well maybe a bit different in the pro peloton, it's clean now in case you haven't heard...Huh.

Not one to break tradition, I find a little drinking and riding can provide a nice moral boost. Maybe it's just a placebo effect, or maybe I do catch a buzz. If someone's packing, you bet I'll be sipping. Don't over do it, I know it's hard to have just one. But trust me, moderation while on the trail and road. Save the beer bongs and chug fest for once you have your chamois off.

The last few days I've been avoiding the heat in Vail. The MTB trails are fast right now and there's not nearly as many transient junkies in the high country compared to Boulder. Entitled fucking transients seems to be a theme around the Front Range this summer.

Some photos and links to rides the past couple of days.


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