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There are things I care about and things I don't. Sometimes I care about things I shouldn't, sometimes I don't care enough about things that I should. It's a challenge to prioritize what's really important and it's important to be able to filter through the crap that is not. External influences pressure me more and more everyday. Often, I find myself stressing too frequently about stuff that's really not worth it. Stuff that's out of my control. One of my favorite quotes is from Al Dean (Scrapple the Movie), "there's no sense worrying about things you can't control, because if you can't control them there's no sense worrying about them." Well said, Al Dean, but don't think about that one too hard. I'm not a philosopher, or a deep thinker. What I am is a speck of dust, insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe, just a blip in time, so small, so irrelevant. I think it's important to remember that.

Another favorite quote from Scrapple the Movie, "I'm either having short term loss of my long term memory, or long term loss of my short term memory. Problem is, I can't remember which." I forget what to write next.

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