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nature's acid test.

The name of the game Saturday was sensory overload. The colors, the mixed precipitation and the smells blasted me into a state of meditative, hyper-focused surrealism. It was nature's acid test in the high desert of Colorado, where rain is seldom the scene. After a summer of sweltering, swamp-ass hotness, I embraced the chance to put on a few extra layers and integrate into the elements. Levitating between fall and winter, mother nature showed off in a way only she knows how. Mesmerized and reeling from a feeling only produced by full submersion into the hills this time of year, I was lifted. Time stood still. I pedaled and pedaled some more and continued to pedal until my bike seized up and I was forced to return home. Even out here, all good things must come to an end. Get it while it's hot. But, remember it 's cold, so bring gloves.

The first track and the lone track, on a bike, or on a ski is important to me.

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