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Colorado non-Classic

There was nothing classic about the Colorado Classic bicycle race that just rolled through the 'snowflake' state. Short stages, a circuit format, smaller teams, no TT, a lack of a title sponsor, no mountain passes and yada yada yada. But damn, it was probably the best road racing I've ever witnessed. In fact, it was closer to watching a MTB race than a RR. The pack blew apart on lap 1. BOOM, fireworks, just what fans want to see. Usually, rabid fans chillax all day just to see the riders pass by one time. For eight seconds, spectators cheer as loudly as they can, releasing energy accumulated over a few hours of anticipation, awaiting the arrival of the peloton. This new, non- classic format allowed spectators to view the riders 10 times in the Breckenridge stage. It was exhausting for the riders and maybe even more exhausting for the fans!

My cowbell finger has open wounds. It's healing up nicely and is the small price we pay to witness this savage sport.

"How many more laps do they have? Damnit I don't have enough beer!" Time to poach the party with the Ska Brewing tent. Thank you and may I have another, please. Yeehaw. I rode from Vail to Breck to Boreas pass before the stage. A nice spin like that really warms up my liver for maximum beer consumption and paxing to the max.

Spicolli said he went balls deep on that stage. I hope he got some pizza afterwards. TJ rode on the front most of the race, but was reeled in by local and crowd favorites, Pistol Pete and Alex "Ace in the Hole" Howes - MRRGA!

Scored some media passes. Front row with a beer in hand. It was my first trip to a professional RR PC and I was the only one drinking beer, WTF. Riders and journalist must of assumed I was a homeless bum, taking some shelter from the storm.... Kind of.

Rad event, rad riders, rad beer, rad state, rad, just rad and rad. This stage race should be a state holiday. Great to see the pro peloton back in CO!

This narrow dirt and root line is still the life vein of the Grizz though.

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