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hard fought

A constant fight. The 17-18 winter ski season made us earn every powder turn. There were no freebies, handouts or participation ribbons awarded. Powder snow may finally be added to the endangered species list once and for all. While those on the East coast may think differently, the West will be dry and dusty before the first day of summer. Fires will rage and politicians will waver. People will lose their lives, structures will go up in flames and nothing will change. There will be talk of water shortages and droughts, but citizens will still place a green lawn ahead of clean drinking water. My skiing light is starting to fade. It's hard to fight day after day.

The days are longer, but time seems to be shorter. Calmness is fleeing. I can't separate the shit worth caring about from the bullshit. So I ride. On skis, on a bike, we ride. It's an escape. It's freedom where there is none. So the transition begins, from two skis to two wheels. I'm done fighting.

smashing and mashing with Jah Kief on the sunnyside.

Also, you can VENMO me the $75 for every time you fail to yield. I also accept cash and personal checks. Who comes up with these non-enforceable laws that seem to rule Boulder County.

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