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wild and shirtless.

There's an attitude in the air around here. Amateur athletes taking themselves too seriously, SERIOUSLY. I've been cranking pedals and french frying for a long time and had the chance to meet many of sport's most decorated athletes, those that have olympic medals, world championships and evolved sport through their contributions. What do most of these champions have in common? They are humble, appreciative, and kind. These attributes seem to get lost in the amateur athlete. Egos ride high, higher than skill level, natural talent and a work ethic. A $10k bike, or matching kit seem to be the password for being an ASS. Pretentious, self righteous, self-centered, egomaniacs! Don't be an ASS, be KIND. RESPECT. To all of you all too serious amateurs, lose the fucking vibe. It get's you nowhere fast. If you are 35 years old and live and die by your next race result, lighten the fuck up. It's a sport, it's fun. You are never going to be remembered for your athletic achievements, but for sure you will be remembered how you treat others on and off the trail and mountain. Yeah, I'm talking to you Front Range 'Athletes'... and Damn, it smells like the Front Range around here! Can ya smell it?

This past week I had a chance to hit the snow line a few days on the bike and ski some soft snow with long time homie Jamie Starr. It was a good week to not take things too SERIOUSLY.

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