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it's the getting 'there'.

There is no destination. All that matters is the process, the task of moving forward. Moving forward to a non-existent destination. If there is no destination, are we moving forward, going backwards, or staying in place? All that's for sure is the present. The present is the process and the only known. The only tangible. The real. Wandering through this life, I'm just not sure I have any goals. Work is total bullshit and what's the point of wasting the 'now', in the hope of being rewarded 30 years down the road in retirement. 60 hours a week at a desk, in a big city, in a concrete jungle. Is that how you get ahead? I want to do things differently. On my own accord. I want success, but not the same success that the majority of the population seeks. Perceptions of success should vary with individuals. Ideals and history should shape individual definitions of success. Societal success is manifested by the deep state to drive consumerism. Made up by corporate sponsors and media moguls in a capitalist society. Societal success is defined by untrue facts and false needs. This dilutes what real success is.

Dazed and hazed. As I sit at my desk, I wonder how the fuck people can come to work and want to stand up to work that their desks. Society says that stand up desks are beneficial for office workers. Office time is recovery time these daze. I sit and drink water. I'm here, but not really. My mind is else where. High in the mountains, where reality is real and the mind and body are free. Thinking outside of the confines of the surrounding environment. Thinking clearly, uninterrupted. I was born 400 years too late.

The last 7 days were filled some classic rides around Leadville. Well, at least classic to me. I'm not sure too many others share in my definitions of classics.

268 mi of riding- I don't own a road bike.

22,717ft of climbing

+84 ft of ascending /1 mile ridden

Cooper Loop, via HWY 24 to Wurtz Ditch and some secret, secret troll trails.

Weston Pass, via dirt roads from PB was a classic ride. The tempo was high and the air was thin. Shelled after 4:20 of riding and a DIPA calling my name.

The Undercover Ops Loop- HWY 91- Chalk Creek- Climax- Camp Hale- 705- Wirtz Ditch- HWY 24

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