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Killing with Kindness

As author Mark Manson has pointed out, we all only have so many Fucks to give. This made me think for a moment, which doesn't happen all that often, about what really matters. I came to the conculsions that so much of what gets under my skin, just ain't worth the worry.

Recently, I added a bell to my bike. So often, it seems that the folks don't have time to say hello, and just aren't that nice. Of course, I don't know what's going on with each trail user that I encounter on a daily basis, maybe they just had too much time to kill today, or maybe their down in the dumps because they have too much money, or maybe they're crushing intervals and watts, or maybe something real happend, like they lost a job. Whatever it may be, I've decided to say hello, ring-a-ding, a treat all people I encounter as a friend.

Some other KIND things:

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