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string bands.

Discovering a new to you band is a great feeling, like finishing a six pack in an hour. It's inspirational and exhilarating, that first time you see them live can be an intimate experience. Off the beaten path, dirt road bands are my favorite. You see them at a venue that holds a couple hundred people, can be front row, get your swerve on, there's banter and they respond to your inquiries on the Insta ( I quit Insta and FB, but that used to be the case).

If the band is good that only lasts so long. Soon they are playing sold out shows at Red Rocks, and in order to see them live you have to wade through 1,000s of crowds and parking lots. I lose interest at this point. Once you see your favorite band up close and drunk a bond is formed. It's never the same when they only play large venues, it's never as good. Here's a few small bands that I've recently been introduced to. Small enough to see in a small venue, but large enough for large two-steppin' and large swigs of rye.

Hang Rounders:

Lost Dog Street Band:

Grayson Country Burn Ban:

I wish I had one thousand tennis balls and a chukit in this field.

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