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My favorite holiday of the year, the summer solstice. The daze leading up the solstice are the best of the year. The land is green, life is thriving in the woods and my human senses seem to be heightened. Longer light and longer rides make the living easy. As I pedaled this morning, I thought about how lucky I am to be living this FREE. Not held down by anything I don't choose to be held down by. Grateful.

What's a holiday ride without kicking back a 7%er before descending back into town. Woooeeee.

Yesterday at Backcountry Access the last Tracker DTS came off the line. The DTS was the first digital transceiver to hit the market and revolutionized avalanche rescue in 1997. In addition to decreasing search times in avalanche rescue it spawned a new culture of saving lives through proactive education programs. The DTS has been the bread of butter of BCA for the past 21 years. We said goodbye to our old friend and celebrated with a BBQ and a few beers.

Enjoy retirement Mr. DTS and thanks for saving so many lives.

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