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Old Hagerman.

Another 20+ hour week in the books and I'm feeling a bit of that hazy fatigue settling down on me. Eight weeks in a row with over 20 hours rolling and at least 20K in climbing has got me all like, whhhhaaaattt, huuuhhhh, ddddduuuhhh. Kinda like that hit movie, Dazed, Hazed and Confused. Too tired to even think, but that's how I like it. For three days I've backed off a bit to allow for some recovery. Those high altitude miles make me feel so good. Knocked out some classics with a rip over Hagerman and much of the Leadville 50 course. My bike obsession started at an early age. Is it healthy and productive? Who cares.

21% of active voters turned out for the primary election in ColoRADo. Honestly, that's fucking bullshit and weak as hell. If this happens in November Walker Stapleton will be the new governor. Shoot me! Get off your lazy asses and vote. It makes a difference and is what makes a democracy work. If you don't vote you should be deported! How's that sound? Only fair, if you ask me. It was a tiny, tiny bit reassuring to see that 585,842 Democrats participated in voting for the governor seat vs. 479,327 on the GOP side. We need to do better though. Much of Polis' values and initiatives speak to minorities and the blue collar working class of Colorado. These voters need to hear his message and TURN OUT to vote in November. If you aren't going to vote, please consider moving to China, or N Korea.

A nice lunch spot.

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