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as good as it gets.

Put on the old tights, dressed for cooler temperatures and headed out for a high country adventure around Vail. The route went- East Vail- Vail Mtn- Game Creek Trail- Minturn- West Vail- Red Sandstone Rd- Son of Middle Creek- East Vail. A miid-range ride, but the weather was perfect and ran the gamut from blasting sun, to a few squalls with rain.

I like pictures, so here a few from yesterday that highlight the trail, the season, and the bike ridden.

View looking into the Holy Cross Wilderness Area. It's been super dry, but this week looks to be more moisture filled, with the chance for snow.

Game Creek Bowl- I'll eventually descend down to the creek from here.

Closer to Game Creek, on the way to Minturn.

Tool for the day.

Control Center. Running a gas tank and feedbag. Gotta keep the weight off of the back.

With the leaves dropped and dried there were a lot of new perpsectives on the trail today. The falled leaves created space amongst the trees allowing me to gaze into the distance.

Some weather is rolling through today, so going to get my spin on with road bike. Maybe Vail Pass- to Fremont and home. I can feel winter coming, but am trying to contain my excitement for another couple of weeks. In my book, November 1st is officially ski season in Colorado. Soaking up the fall and headed to UT on Thursday.

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