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on the road again.

With a forecast of ominous clouds and weather steam rolling into the Colorado high country, I decided to keep it on the road Sunday. Gently rolled a 50mi cruise from Vail to Fremont Pass to Frisco and home. Not a singe stop sign and the riding was almost entirely on a bike path. Great day and the perfect fall riding weather. Rides like this keep me satisfied until the EL NINO starts pummeling us with abover average snowfall, I hope.

Road biking past some mountain biking.

Today's chariot. Have not ridden this steed since my Crux CX bicycle showed up, invited.

Small amounts of snow, on Northerly aspects will linger through the ski season. Damn Hoar!

​ Sucking the thin fucking air at 10,600ft, or exhauling smoke... Can't remember.

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