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Turns, turds and t3 training was the story from last week. I was invited up to Ski Cooper for the CAIC forecaster refresher.Took the snowcat up to Chicago ridge for some snow pits and beacon training. Great day out there and was excited to take part and get everyone up to speed on the T3's. Thanks to Ethan Greene for the invite.

Here is a photo of Dr. Greene spewing the snow knowledge.

The following morning I rolled out of Vail to meet up with Ryan and Josh, for a weekend of unplugged, adventure skiing in southern Colorado. Some how the snow chased us and we were spoiled with about 2' over the weekend. We used the sled to access the ski touring terrain and when we came back after a couple days this is what we found.

We were out getting this while the sled was asleep under the snow. Ryan Koupal of @40tribes took this one.

There is nothing that refreshes me like getting out into the winter backcountry, with no concerns except beer rations. Ryan leaves the hut for some storm day shredding.

It was total trenchtown on the skin track. Ryan takes a hard pull on the front.

Our cozy little hut did not have any eletricity, or lights. We played a lot of Yahtzee by headlamps; influenced with whiskey, beer and weed.

Keeping the drinking water flowing along with constantly shoveling the deck helped pass the time during the dark hours.

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