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tradeshow blues.

I got the tradeshow blues....

I got the tradeshow blues...

I got the tradeshow blues and they wearin' out the soles of my shoes.

A haze of PBR, sake and Beninaha welcomes my rise from the ashes. My clothes smell of death and decay. My mouth, like a cat took a shit in it while I was passed out. Day 1 of OR was in the books, and now I'm hungover and on edge from the flourescent lights, lack of food, and 10 more hours of being 'on'. Only 3 more days of this....

It's over now, my liver hurts. Beer and I are no longer close friends. I look to return to normalcy. Fall back into my comfortable and familar routine. The 8 days of tradeshow season is one part of my life I could do with out. But, as bad it seems to me, I never lose complete control and am able to escape into Was Angeles for some meditation... MG style meditation.

There are some nice big peaks in Spanish Forks and I've always wondered if they ever hold snow. Met up with Adam S, from BD and Lawrence W from the ACC. We were hoping to score a 5k decent of Santaquin peak, but had to settle for a few untracked powder runs off of either shoulder. This truly is the land of 1,000 kick turns. With just under 4,500 ft of climbing, this day was a shock to my tradeshow weary system and cleared the BroR haze out rather quickly.

I've always been a numbers guy. Quantitative recreating is a passion of mine.

A more traditional attempt to walk it off.

POWTROUT sticking to the shady side of life in upper silver fork.

Always packing heat when crossing the border into Ewtah.

Ryan Guess, some dude from Mammut, Jeremy Jolley, Avatech bro and Bruce Edgerly talk beacons and snow safety at BrOR.


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