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rocky road.

The road through SIA is a rocky one, but it won't be rocky for long. Four days of hell, then it's over. Then it's back to life. I think my liver can do it. I must fight through one more tradeshow this year.

It is best for all, that I go into tradeshows physically tired, dry of endorphins, satisfied from high octane activity and most importanly, ready for stagnant living. Like a labrador retriever chasing a tennis ball, I chased powder, and chased it some more, then chased it again. Now, I'm ready for a dog nap (SIA).

Jeff Cricco capturing photosynthesis before I begin absorbing the flourescent lighting.

The road was actually rocky on this little ski tour outside of my old stomping grounds, Red Cliff. Earning my claiming here. That's next year's BCA Stash 40 too.

"Hey Dude, you think that one goes through?"

"Guess not. I'll wait here while you hike back up!"

Adventure skiing IS adventure. Many times, you just don't know until you go. Now we know.

A favorite spot of mine showing her natural signs. 10 avalanche deaths in 9 days in the US, means meadow skipping and daisy picking. Warm weather this week should settle things out and tighten up the alpine again.

Fruition, from Portland, OR rocked Denver last Friday. Aside from all of the tunnel trash, it was a great time. I know I could never live in a city like this.


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