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Broke it down outside of Victor, ID and up the Fox Creek Drainage for the BKNE. A few feet of snow saved the early season days prior to our arrival, cold temperatures chilled the bones and rampant whiskey made for easy story telling and some incredible Yahtzee games.

That's the yurt, not an abandoned UFO.

Ryan leaves the yurt for a lap in trenchtown.

Ryan, of 40 Tribes, does his best pack mule impersonation. Heavy loads on the hike in. A 12 pack of beer takes the toll on the body aftery 5 + miles of skinning. 5 pounds of bacon will make the those hip flexors a little sore too.

Red marks the spot. A few of the lines we skied on day 2. The left dot represents Peak 10024. I could stay out here for forever. Life is hard in the alpine, but oh so simple. No better way to quiet the mind and be present.

Ryan plays the slot machine on this little pinch of a line.

Had a few meeting with Mr. Poopie Lips. The views from the office were inspiring.

Made it back to Colorado for a few days before stomping on the gas pedal out to SLC for Outdoor Retailer. I always save some time to eat my favorite lunch, lobster.

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