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I ain't completely broke, but brother I'm badly bent.

Had a good run, considering the level of activity that I operate at. After 10 years of riding the bike 200 days a year and skiing 100 days a year, I'm finally busted again. Two weeks ago while skiing outside of Nelson, BC I snapped my old ACL on a slow turn in heavy snow, with a bit of sluff catching me from behind. Needless to say, the last couple of weeks have been tough on me, more mentally than physically. My last big injury and surgery was in 2005 and since then I've tried to be in sport for the long haul-for life, not that one hit wonder shit I lived for prior to 2005.

Physically I'm strong, but mentally it's a dark time. My efforts now are to stay positive and try to focus and make gains in parts of life that I neglect when whirling through time at a million miles per hour. 6-8 months should give me plenty of time to refocus on some lost arts.

Maybe I'll finish painting the ceiling in my house that I started 2 years ago.

Maybe I'll work on remodeling the last rooms in my house.

Maybe I'll pull out the dead trees in my yard.

Maybe I'll pick up my mandolin and join a band.

Maybe I'll pick up the phone and call some old friends.

Maybe I'll write some letters

Maybe I'll sit still outside and soak up the sun.

Maybe I'll start a buisiness.

Maybe I'll be drunk and stoned for the next 6 months.

Maybe I'll start eating healthy.

Maybe I'll focus on work.

Maybe I'll go fishing more.

Maybe I'll focus on my relationships.

Maybe I'll become a better person.

Maybe I'll run out of fucks to give.

Maybe I'll pick up a book and read it.

Maybe this whole experience will build character and help me in the long run.

Maybe this will crush my soul.

Maybe I'll be a stronger person.

Or... maybe not!

I'll fight this.

I'll come back stronger.

I'll come back healthier.

I'll come back with a better attitude.

I'll come back with a new appreciation of the small things in life.

I'll come back with new priorities in my life.

I'll comeback and realize that two wheels and skis on my feet aren't all that life has to offer.

I'll comeback.

Surgery on 3/10/16. ACL reconstruction- autograft from the hamstring.

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