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inside out.

As the weather grows warmer, the garage gets colder. The couch cushions get harder, the spare tire around my waist is growing. It's the final countdown. Two more weeks until I ride outside, ROAD only, but the road is warmer than the garage. My mind is growing weary, wandering. My patience are wearing thin. I try to stay busy, try to pass the time, but I'm not much into compromising. I'm a simple creature and I like what I like.

Spring has been hell. I wear blinders like a horse working in the city, sheltering me from the chaos with no escape. The last eight weeks have passed slowly. Time has stood still. I've been absent, dis-engaged, going through the motions. Slowly, my body is getting stronger. The stronger my body, the stronger my mind. One day at a time I am moving forward. Soon I'll be warmed by the sun from the inside out. Pollen and sweat will cake to my face. I'll be dehydrated, I'll fight leg cramps, sunburned, tired, I'll struggle to find the fitness that I once had. I'll struggle, but I'll savor it. To hell and back.

With bikes hanging on the walls collecting dust, music and the mandolin help to ease my mind, allow me to slip away into another time. Musical meditating, clearing my mind, creating a calm and quiet around me. This weekend, out of boredom, I opened up Grizzly Den Recordings to pass some time. A few videos of poor mandolin playing and even poorer singing. But, it made me feel good, feel alive at a time when I'm not.

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