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pint ride.

Just a little ride with my friends. A little slog with a side of beers.

Over the years this ride has been done by many, but it takes the brave and dumb to accomplish this high altitude booze cruise. The route starts in Boulder- goes up 4 mile- wall street- switzerland trail south- peak to peak- shelf road- jenny creek- rollins pass rd- corona pass rd- hwy 40 to Hideway Brewery- hwy40- corona pass rd- rollins pass rd- STAGE STOP- peak to peak- Magnolia- canyon- Eben G- Backcountry Pizza.

Riders may consume up to 4 pints for time bonuses at each of the two designated watering holes. Each beer drank takes 30 min off your overall time.

Tentative Date- 7.23.16

Stay tuned for more details.

Going to be hot hot hot weekend. Up to the high country I go after work today.

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