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Down the Road Feeling Bad.

Life is good, but I been feeling bad. What have I been doing the past 10 years? The same job, the same office, the same four fucking walls. No risks, no rewards. I regress. Living in a town that I don't like. So many people, so crowded, so unfriendly, so intolerant. Rich, white and entitled. I hear cars, I hear traffic. It's constant. Is it worth it? What am I gaining? How am I contributing? Everyone around here is the same. Homogeny at it's finest. I work for the fucking man. I'm a hypocrite. Where is it getting me? City sounds race around my head all day, I can't escape. Busy life, people rushing, no time. Nature is drowned out, replaced by man made pollution of all dimensions. My head needs a rest, but continues to spin out of control. Thoughts gushing and rushing in and out, always thinking. In need of a quiet space. A place with less distractions. Or, a place with distractions that inspire. Why am I living this way? I'm settling. I'm lazy. Fuck the mortgage, the bills, the need for monetary and economic security. Where does that get us in the end? Is it piece of mind? Is it complacency? Do I do it because society tells me to? I don't want to be like everyone else. Never have, never will.

Thankful for the bike. Time to move forward.

Piney Lake.

Lambda, Lambda, Lambda- Triple IPA- 13% from Melvin located in Alpine, WY. Can't wait for the quadruple IPA to be released.

Game creek trail. Definitely my favorite trail in the Valley.

The type of setting I would like to live in. No traffic, no people, no noise., no bullshit.

I've been watching my sister's dog, Letti for the last week while they are honeymooning. She's a good dog and finally lets me pet her.

So stoked on my Yanco bar bag. Perfect for long day trips.

Fuck it.

Last weeks stats:

2 runs- 10km and 1 hour

442km on the bike.

7208m climbing

11 beers

1665.5 TSS score

Riding more than most, posting to social less than all. Words to live by.

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