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high altitude training encampment (hate).

I'm a country boy. Like a real-life Grizz I need to room to roam, stretch the legs, and big skies to view. That's tough on the densely packed front range. It seems like every time the sun rises, the traffic gets worse, another bum gets murdered and new high rises pop up. Fuck this noise. I'm making moves to get out of here and find my little piece of mountain magic high above and to the west of the Continental Divide. Enter the HIGH ALTITUDE TRAINING ENCAMPMENT (hate).

On Monday, I will be one step closer to that and leaving the chaos behind. In four days, I'll be closing on a nice little house in Leadville. And by nice, I mean it has a roof, windows and is dry. Complete with leaning walls and sloping floors, built in 1888, this Victorian house should be a fun little and project and bring some peace to my hyper-sensitive mind. I can finally see some light at the end of that long ass tunnel. In addition, I'm enrolling in the Snow, Weather and Avalanche Technician program at CMC. It's a two year program, that will earn me an occupational certificate of proficiency and set me up to earn $10/hour if I ever depart my current desk job.

Not my favorite colors, but just quirky enough to like it.

She's a leaner and comes with not one, but TWO satellite dishes. I'll be able to communicate with ET now. I hope the wind up there doesn't blow it over.

Off street parking for the rigs and sled.

Mt. Massive, the second highest peak in CO. Nice view. Beats the hell out of the Flatirons.

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