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memorial freedom flyer

Politics suck. Politicians suck even more. One area I hope we can all agree on, is the importance of our veterans. No matter if you are a donkey, or an elephant, veterans need our support and should unify us in these divided times. Say thanks to a veteran, especially if you never served, like myself.

Been honky tonk-ing around Leadville for the last week. Still waiting for snow to melt, but ride options are finally starting to open up in the high, high, high country. It's the good life up there, no flybys, ebros, matching turquoise outfits with knee pads, only solid vibez. Pickup trucks wave and locals are friendly, the opposite of the 'colorowdy' (what a lame term) front range. As I mentioned before, it comes back to RESPEKT. The PB100 course and the Columbine climb are almost ready, I opened up the 50 course with only a bit of post-holing and Hagerman Pass over to Ruedi will be ready for a dance by the first of June.

This spring the miles have been tough to come by, but the time in the saddle hasn't been. The old road bike went to highest bidder two years ago. Since then I rarely ride paved roads and have only pedaled a bike with slicks once- the dirty hippy 200. The miles go by slower, but the quality of those lonely miles are as good as it gets.

Mosquito Pass still holding the snow on the road.

Big air Andy. Ha. Working on the larger jump line. Spandex are a pre requisite.

Nothing beats a bike ride with my Dad. He taught me how to live the good life and is responsible for my crazy wayz. Shredding the CMC Leadville trails.

Always a treat to get out on the bike with Sarah. Hope it happens more this summer!

Steel Wheels at the Tabor Opera House. Fucking badass show. Stoked to get the entire Wenberg family there!

Steal Wheeling hard. So good. Sometimes you just don't know a good sound until you hear it LIVE. No beer allowed in the concert venue. That's a first for me. Well worth the dry viewing!

I ran into Floyd Landis at the show. Despite what some may think about him, I like what he did to the cycling world. He exposed the truth. I said, 'Hi, Floyd. How's it going?' He looked at me like I'm a crazy person, which was ok with me and replied 'Good'. So, we are pretty much besties now.

Forget where this was from. Maybe the PB 50 course. It kinda all blurs together, in a good way.

Always trying to simplify without becoming one-dimensional. It's a fine line. I question my strategy daily. Am I becoming one-dimensional in my effort simplify? Should I care more about the bullshit that society does? Never been one to follow the grain. Are my priorities selfish and childish? Is it wrong to live this way?

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