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crooked yo man.

Location: Eagle, CO

For a town named after an eagle, I can't say that I've seen one flying around in this open and arid valley. Located 35 miles downhill from the world's largest ski corporation and violator of anti-trust laws - VAIL, Eagle was once a quiet, rural, mountain community. As the sport of mountain biking boomed so did the footprint of Eagle. The housing market continues to rocket in Colorado and the town is thriving with ski hungry locals that were pushed out of the upper valley, due to the cost of living. It's sad that ski resorts have this effect on communities. Katz and Co. buy, buy and buy, then put up a fancy base lodge, build char lifts, sky rocket the real estate values, then pay like shit so no one can really live there anymore. It's too bad these large, monopolizing, publicly owned losers have become the kings and queens in some of the most precious mountain ranges in the world. Our mountain communities would be better off without the iron fist of capitalistic, bottom line chasing, ski resorts and inflating real estate moguls.

The extensive trail network in Eagle is one of a kind, but just south of the town line is some of finest dirt and two-tracked to be cooked up on this side of the Mississippi. Often over looked, it's a far pedal for a 6" enduro bike and matching turquoise shorts, too rough for a slick wheeled roadie. Pedal traffic is thin and vehicle traffic is light. Out here the elevation and temperatures are the perfect breeding grounds for aspen and pine trees. These trees have voices and tell the story of the land. Old growth, new growth, they've seen it all. Witness' to the 'progress of man'.

Rolling through this area, an energy awoke my senses, enlightened my senses, made me feel insignificant and at peace. It was the calm I search for, content and quiet. An undiscovered Vortex? A powerful place.

Town of Eagle - Sylvan Lake Rd - Crooked Pass - Peter Estin Hut - Hat Creek Rd - Eagle.

New favorite hat. Seriously, don't tell me about your overpriced, boutique bike that you get colorowdy on a couple times a week.

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